Leslie A Photography specializes in fine art photography of landscapes, naturescapes, seascapes and much more.

I was a fine arts major in college with an emphasis on commercial art and computer design, photography and silk screen printing. I've used all sorts of cameras - from my humble beginnings with a Pentax SLR and developing black and white film to a Canon EOS film SLR. My first digital camera was a Kodak Easyshare that I bought for $400. I still love that camera - it took excellent photos. I am now using a Nikon D90 and D7200 and absolutely love them, but I've also been known to snap a pic with my phone if I see something wonderful and find myself without a proper camera.

I am mainly inspired by nature and architecture. Lines and curves, colors and darkness. I love modern art, all kinds of music, and hugging trees. I also have a philanthropic endeavor called Blanket Statements (www.blanketstatements.org) and photos that I take for that site will also be for sale here with the proceeds being donated to women's shelters.

Thank you for visiting, and check back, there will be a lot of new photos coming soon.
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