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This year I decided I want to have the "31 Days of Pumpkins" festivities. I'm not quite sure what this all encompasses, since I just thought it up on the spur of the moment. But I do know that every day must include a pumpkin. My original thought was to buy a pumpkin every day this month, but as s single mom with limited funds, my son pointed out that this seemed like a frivolous waste of money. He didn't say "frivolous" but I know that's what he meant. Waste of money, maybe, but delightful none the less. 


So for Day #1 there was a pumpkin. An actual pumpkin.

Day #1 also included some yummy pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bars that I sure meant to take a photo of, but dang it, they just leapt into my mouth too fast. They are seriously good. With frosting and everything. And the best part, I didn't make them. They were a gift. Twice. Yea!


Day #2 of the festivities brought me a pumpkin pie from McDonalds. Kind of lame, I know, but I was there in the drive-thru with previously mentioned son, getting him food, so I added on a pumpkin pie for me. I did take a photo of the box that I was going to post, but, um, the box doesn't actually say pumpkin pie on it, so you all might think I was faking you out. And I was driving, whilst shoveling pie into my mouth, so no photo of the actual pie itself. Maybe next time. I know there will be a next time.


Day #3 of the festivities brought one of my all-time favorite fall items: Pumpkin Coffee from Thorntons. Coffee is a new love of mine, which started out from a co-worker challenge. I was a Cherry Coke drinking girl. Ever since seeing Back to the Future in the theater in the 80's. Cherry Coke first thing in the morning and all day long. I thought coffee was disgusting and couldn't figure out why anyone in their right mind would drink the stuff. So my co-worker challenged me to "change my mind" about coffee and see if I could learn to like something I absolutely detested. Swap the cola for the coffee. I know, not really a much better choice, but what the heck - I was determined to prove him wrong. Dang it if I didn't develop cravings for the strange taste of coffee after three days. So in case you didn't believe it, it is possible to change your mind about something you think you can't stand. It really does work. I'm proof. Anywho, love me my pumpkin coffee from the neighborhood gas station, and gotta love the 99 cent price for the huge cup of deliciousness. Oh! Day 3 also brought a spoonful of actual pumpkin pie with whipped cream after my diner dinner last night. Yummo.


Not sure what Day #4 is going to bring me yet. Luckily the sun is shining today!




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Why I love social media https://www.leslieaphoto.com/blog/2012/10/why-i-love-social-media First off, let me say, I am not a social girl. At least that's what I've always been told, so that's what I tell myself. On a regular basis. It may or not be true, which is why I love social media. I do much better interacting with people at a distance than I do up close and personal. Frankly, and this is hard to admit, but people scare me. I'm a super sensitive girl and take pretty much everything personally. Whether it is meant for me or not, I'm like a big sponge of emotions. I cried when my third grade teacher yelled at our class for misbehaving. I wasn't misbehaving, but I took it very personally - so much so, she had to pull me out into the hallway and explain that it was the class as a whole, not just me. 


So when I discovered the internet way back when I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Interaction without people actually knowing you! I could be whoever I wanted! So I decided to be one of the cool kids. One of those people who talked to others, who didn't shy away from people. Someone who interacted and formed relationships and friendships...someone I wasn't in real life, even though maybe I wished I was. 


Anyway, I love the internet, and not only for the social aspect of actually conversing with people, but also for the sharing of information. As a visual person I love pinterest, and also Facebook. Through my work with Blanket Statements I have joined up with many, many, many people and organisations who I might otherwise have never known. And I absolutely love most everything they post. At some point it all becomes relevant.


Take this photo I saw posted this morning. This is something I probably would never have seen or known about except for Facebook. And it is super cool! Don't you think? Street art. Love it!



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Welcome to the photo blog! https://www.leslieaphoto.com/blog/2012/9/welcome-to-the-photo-blog Welcome to the new photo blog!

Try as I might, I am actually not very good at updating blogs. But I sometimes have things to say and this seems like a good place to let words spill out as they may. I tend to be a more visual person, but we'll give this a go too. 

For those who don't know me, I am a 46 year old mom of two crazy red-heads. I am recently on my own, I work at a local school district, I have a social enterprise called Blanket Statements, and I'm now branching back into my creative side and posting photos that I love. It's kind of me coming around full circle.

I was a musician most of my life. But found myself drawn, or really rather pushed, into art in college. I started out as a biology major with aspirations of joining the FBI Crime Lab. But I got sorta sidetracked and ended up as a computer graphics major with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I studied commercial art/computer graphics with an emphasis on photography and print making. Computer graphics was a new thing when I was at school and I was in the first class to graduate with that degree. I loved it. I especially loved combining photos online and then shooting photos of the computer monitor, developing 24x30 inch negatives and then screen printing a 4-color process. It was something no one had done before, and I was quite proud of the technique. I will try to find some photos of the screen prints. This is a sample of the postcard I used to announce my senior show:


That's two views of me, the Sears Tower in Chicago, and The Ambassador Bridge in Detroit. Those photos were printed out and then hand-colored by me with oil pastels and Q-tips. Probably done on a Friday night because I had no social life in college. That hasn't really changed much either. 


So, this is the blog page. I will ramble here occasionally when I find a spare moment. Don't forget to visit on Facebook too. There are lots of places to find me, actually...









Oh, and Happy Jack Designs too...www.happyjackdesigns.com. Because what's another thing to add to the pile? 


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